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May 02, 2006



Feedback, hmmm...

First of all the verbcast has been great so far and it has really helped me learn (or relearn) my verbs!

The only thing I would say is that it gets a bit boring once the novelty has worn off. Especially when we are doing it every day for 20 days!

Nothing against your hypnotic voice Mark! its just that without a break at the weekends it becomes a bit of a slog.



I think the VERBcasts have been great.
I've never been to good with verbs (english or french) but this has helped me loads.
It's also a welcome break from normal studying. With the verbcast i'm still studying and learning stuff but its easier and gives you a bit of time to relax coz all you've got to do is sit with your headphones in.
I'm glad you're doing them Mark, your hypnotic voice is a billion times easier and more relaxing than a book!


It's interesting to read your comments, and thanks for your honesty. We would be the first to agree that it was a lot to ask you to listen to an episode every day including weekends, but it was a question of trying to fit it in before the Standard Grade French exam.

Different people learn in different ways, so this particular way may not work for or interest everyone. Others would find having to sit in front of a grammar book every day very boring Gavin, and Lauren likes the bread from normal studying that this provides. The bottom line is that you both feel the VerbCasts are useful and that you are learning from them. Bonne continuation!


I did of course mean to type 'break from studying' - lol!!


I like the VERBcasts because it is a really easy way of learning the verbs. Before the VERBcast I never could understand the true difference between the imperfect and the perfect tenses but know I completely understand it which is great!

However I have to agree with Gavin, it does get harder to motivate yourself to actually sitdown and listen, especially as there are no days where you can have a break.

On the whole I think the VERBcast is great though and I'm finding it really helpful. Thanks a lot! :)

maureen smith

I am an adult francophile and have just discovered your very impressive, innovative method - especially your wonderfully calm yet penetrating voice.
I waas born in England but live in Australia and subscribe to various podcasts and need more of what you offer - the foundations and basic building block often neglected but so important to fall back on in my conversational French.
I would, therefore, appreciate more information if possible please.
Many thanks.

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