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April 19, 2006


Neil Gregory

I found your website today and your VERBcast looks very interesting. Unfortunately, I could not download Episode 1. All the other episodes were fine, but I think I must have missed quite a bit (around 3000 verbs according to you!) so I would really like to get episode 1. Will it be available soon?


Neil Gregory


This a a great way to learn a language. You go at your own pace and, it feels as if I have my own personal French Tutor. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Keep up the good work!


hello, i really enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but cannot downloads any more. i get 'error' through iTunes and also through this site. where can i find the rest of the episodes? thanks


Hi, I've enjoyed the first 5 episodes, which I obtained through iTunes. However, I'm unable to access the remaining episodes. I noticed that the host site appears to be down - is there any other way of receiving the complete program?

Thank you


is there anywhere to download these episodes now?

Alyson Osborne

Hello, This is a truly great idea and I am really keen to download and work through these (especially as I live in France already!). Unfortunately I cannot seem to be able to download them from iTunes or here. I wondered if either the server is down or I'm doing something wrong! Please could anyone advise me?
Many thanks.


I'm also unable to download the podcasts from both here and through itunes? Does anybody know what to do? Am I just too late? Thank you.

Patrick Mathieu


You can find Verbcast at: http://www.learnoutloud.com/Catalog/Languages/French/VERBcast-Podcast/20182

(If that link doesn't work properly, simply go to http://www.learnoutloud.com/ and search for Verbcast. You'll see a link to the RSS feed, which will subscribe you to the entire series!


This looks like it was an excellent website, just what I've been looking for, what a pity it is inactive. If anyone knows a similar site, please paste it here or e-mail me.



Thank you!! all s awesome!!I'm getting closer to knowing the most imp part of the language thanks to you.


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