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April 27, 2006



j'écris un livre
tu dis "bonjour!"
il a un stylo
nous sommes super!

j'ai écrit un livre
tu as dit "bonjour!"
il a eu un stylo
nous avons été super!


Congratulations on being first to post here Gavin, and on getting them all correct - well done!



* J'ai mis la table pour ma maman ce soir - I set the table for my Mum tonight.
* Nous avons ecrit a un college en France - We wrote to a school in France.
* Il a eu un accident a la patinoire - He had an accident in the ice rink.
* Elles ont ete tres paresseuses - They have been very lazy.



J'ai dormi dans mon lit.
Tu as ecrit dans mon cahier.

J'ai eu beaucoups des devoirs. -I have had lots of homework.
Vous avez ete tres traivailleuse. - We have been very hard-working.



Il a écrit pour la journal.
Vous aves dors dans la maison.

Ta as eu une douché! (finalement!) - You have had a shower! (finally!)

J'ai été trés fatigué - I have been very tired.


J'ai mis mon sac ici.
Il a écrit une lettre pour moi.

J'ai eu un rhume. - I had a cold.
Ils ont été très stupide. - They have been very stupid.


Well done Alison! Think I would say either 'maman' or 'ma mère', but otherwise great!


Tu as écrit le travail.
Nous avons dormi dans la tente.

J'ai eu le dîner. - I have had dinner.
Il a été très bon. - He has been very good.


Heather, watch your spelling! It should be 'travailleuse'. Also not sure what you mean - 'vous' would be 'you', and 'nous' would be 'we', but if there is more than one person the adjective would need to have an 's' at the end!

'Beaucoup' has no 's', and is always followed by 'de' - 'beaucoup de devoirs'.


Tamsin - it's 'lE journal'.

It's 'vous aveZ', and the past participle is 'DORMI'.

It should of course be 'TU as eu une douche' (although 'pris' would be better), and if it's you who was tired it should be 'fatiguéE'. Hope this helps!


Andrea, 'ils ont été très stupideS' - remember the agreement!


Laurin, your verbs are fine, although I think I'd say 'j'ai mangé' (I have eaten), and I would also use 'sages' for 'good'.


Laurin, sorry, I mean 'sage' since you have used 'il' - my mistake!!

Scott Mcglynn

j'ai dors pour huit heures
tu as ecris une lettre

j'ai eu le diner- i have had my dinner
elle a ete tres fatigue- i have been very tired.

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