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April 24, 2006



Je crois qu'il connaît les filles qui mettent le livre sous la table!

Is that ok? :-)


C'est parfait Anna!

Eva Forbes

I have tried so many times to listen to these podcasts. Media centre is only 1 year old.The little ball progresses aong the line but there is silence. I have saved one but when I open it all I get is boxes and question marks and other gibberish. Any suggestions as to what is wrong? With similar things I have had the message - new downloads needed - click here - then I get told there are no newer downloads.
Very frustrating!


Nous croyons que tu connaîs le garçon qui met le livre scolaire dans la salle de classe.

(Couldn't think what to put!)


Eva, sorry you're having the problems. The VERBcast is a straightforward podcast in mp3 format. Have you downloaded other mp3s? Are you trying to do this in school or at home? Are you on a PC or Mac? By the sounds of things it's a PC. Do you have broadband? Do you have admin rights on the computer? Have you tried downloading and installing iTunes? With iTunes installed it's really easy to download mp3s and podcasts.

Do contact me directly ([email protected]) and I can hopefully help you out, or PM me on the MFLE. If you have MSN or something like that I could even talk you through it if it helps.


Elle croit qu'elle connait la personne qui met le nounours dans la boite.



French is fine Alison, but I take it that you are still having a problem with the accents!

Je crois, je connais une personne qui met la cahier dans la bureau.

(This probably doesn't make sense but i can't think what else to put so it'll have to do!)



je crois vous connaissez le garçon qui met le sac sur le toit.


Btw the last post was from me too! Forgot to put my name on it!?! So sorry!

Thanks for the accents info.


ps just tried the accents and they work - fantastic!


Je crois tu connais la dame qui met en sac là.

Is that ok? I couldn't think what to write :)


Nous croyons que nous connaissons où vous mettez la preuvre!

(you can tell that I watch Taggart!!)


Heather, you would be better to say 'Je crois que je connais' (you really can't miss out the 'que' in French). This goes for Andrea and Gavin as well. And it's 'le cahier' and 'le bureau'.

Andrea, I'm not sure what you were trying to say by using 'en' - 'le sac' would be fine, or you could say 'son sac' (her bag).

Tamsin - well done!

Scott Mcglynn

je crois dans dieu
tu connais nicolas cage?
je met sur mon pantalon

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