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April 29, 2006



The teacher was shouting at us when the firebell rang.
I was eating my dinner when I dropped my fork.
I was on the train when my dad phoned.
I was sleeping when my alarm went off.


I was cleaning the fish tank when the verb pouvoir in the present tense interupted my thoughts.

They were eating lunch when I arrived.

While he was doing his exam, the girl laughed loudly.

You were working hard when they called for you.


Oh and I forgot to mention that I was in my room, drying my hair when I got the verbcast message this morning!(not random, we were asked in the message this morning!)


Lol - liked your first example, Anna! Is it true? From your post on "Verbs everywhere" I think it may well be true! Hope your fish enjoyed the performance of pouvoir! Which tense did you perform it in? ;)


The present although they got very enthusiastic and asked me to do it in the perfect tense. Luckily, thanks to the verbcast I could, phew!Lol


I like it Anna!


I was out riding when it started to rain.

The sun was shining when he went out for a walk.

They were watching tv when their mum called them for dinner.

We were eating popcorn when the film started.



Well done Alison.


I was studying when the phone rang.

She was singing when her friend came.

We were laughing when the bell rang.

He was playing video games when the electricity went out.

Mark Pentleton

Good stuff, Tamsin. You've obviously understood one of the uses of the imperfect well.

Scott Mcglynn

i was speaking with my friends when the bell rang.
i was writing my essay when my pencil broke.
i was watching the t.v when the phone rang.
he was sitting on the couch when his mobile rang.

Scott Mcglynn

je parlais avec ma mere quand je suis regarde la tele

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