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April 20, 2006



I have just finished listening to the second episode! Its so weird and I must say that I found it hard not to laugh at the beginning and I was a bit cynical at first. However it does seem to be working so far!


LOL Gavin - you're full of compliments! No, seriously - if you find it weird listening to the relaxation stuff, I find it even weirder listening to myself! And my wife just laughs. The other students who did it last time round do seem to think it worked, so I suppose you just need to try to get into it! Bonne chance!


well there's a 1st 4 everything! it did help but i did feel a bit weird at the beginning sitting concentrating on breathing with your hypnotist voice mark! i am def gonna do it every day tho! thnx x x x


Enjoyed today's episode. I now feel ubber confident in chanting er, ir and re verbs!

Thanks Mark!


Enjoyed today's episode. I now feel uber confident in chanting er, ir and re verbs!

Thanks Mark!


Fantastic Mark! Yet another great Verbcast which kept me entertained and also learning for 15 minutes! Am very much looking forward to another session tomorrow :)

Gavin Curr

Hey i put my surname in so there is no confusion. lol. The first 2 episodes are great Mark, look forward 2 the rest of them! Thanks


Je parle anglais.

Nous finissons le livre.

Tu vends du chocolat.

It was so easy to remember the parts of the verbs!!! This really works!!!


Vous parlez francais.

Je rougis.

Il vend la tele.



Il regarde la tele tous les jours.

Vous choisissez de faire vos devoirs.

Je perds des choses.

Really enjoyed the first 2 even though it was quite funny the first time I heard it! I'm away now to go and listen to verbcast number 3!


Je joue le saxophone
Nous finissons le repas
Il vend la maison


Je ne finis pas mes devoirs.
Vous vendez les bonbons.
tu penses le verbcast est super!


Nous finissons les devoirs.
Il parle francais.
Elle vend les bonbons.

C'est superbe! I loved the first two - looking forward to the next!


Je regarde la télé chaque soir.
Il finit ses devoirs.
Vous vendez des bonbons!

Can't think of any verbs! The verbcast is really helping! I was amazed how quickly I could answer the questions in the 2nd verbcast, almost without thinking! It's great!


Bien fait, tout le monde!! Hope no-one minds me correcting you on here, but I suppose it defeats the purpose if I don't. Lisa - just watch - it's always jouer DE with an instrument, so you say "je joue du saxophone".

One other wee thing - if you're posting your three sentences as requested in today's text, can you post them as a comment on VERBcast episode 3 please?


J'aime faire de l'equitation :)

Elle finit ses devoirs

Ils vendent les bonbons



Je prends le bus
ils parlent tous les jours
on finit les devoirs


Très bien Alison et Ian!


Sorry - I was getting mixed up with my days - you were all quite right to be posting your three sentences here! I'm getting confused with which day it is because I'm a couple of days ahead with posts and text messages!


Still catching up but heres my 3 sentences:

On joue le volley tous les samedis
J'apprends le francais
Je remplis la fiche


Verbs are fine Colleen, but remember that you say 'je joue au volley'.

Scott Mcglynn

je parle la l'anglais
je finis la college dans neuf semaines
je vends ma maison


Hello there,
Episodes are hosted at http://www.pie.org.uk/
unfortunately my browser can't open neither the URL itself nor the links are related to episodes.
Dose anybody know why?


they are very useful.

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