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April 19, 2006


Nick Demas

I greatly enjoyed your podcasts. Very, very helpful.

I was wondering if they will continue in the future?

My only suggestions is that when you explain the spelling any conjugated verb, consider pronouncing the letters in French rather than English. When I listened to the podcasts, as my mind was conjugating and spelling with the program, my mind was misdirected when the French "i" was not referred to as "e" and the French "e" was not "eh," etc.

Lauren G

I'm from the United States in Texas.
I just love the podcast.
I already speak French, Spanish, and Italian, but the verbCast really helped me review the basics before my final exam
next month!
Thanks so much!


Too bad the podcasts aren't available elsewhere. I, like a number of people, refuse to have anything to do with iTunes or Apple.


I downloaded the verbcasts to use to teach imparfait and passe compose to my French II class last semester. I downloaded them as MP3s and they worked on Window's Media Player, No Apple.

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