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April 23, 2006



i'd still like to receive the texts. i've been away and just got all of the texts...my phone won't let me text back to the number it said. thanks


I think that this is a really good idea and is of help to me anyway. It's just a case of keeping up with the pace that's a little tricky!

I think that the verbcasts are really good and I can actually remember the verbs (which is a change!). The relaxation techniques are a really good too because it makes you focus on the verbs and that helps you to remember them but, saying that i did think it was a bit weird the first time i listened to it!!


sorry forgot to put my name in!!


I think that the verbcasts are very good. I am finding that the verbs are a lot easier to learn with this technique and am looking forward to the rest.


The verbcast is helping me feel alot more confident about the french exam! I like that we only learn a few verbs a day so we don't feel overwhelmed. I try to think about what i've learned through out the day. I was listening to today's episode while getting ready for work and said the verbs to myself while doing the lovely job of cleaning out the fish tanks!hehe! Soo.. yeah je pense que c'est super!


I agree with everyone else. It has really helped me to remember my verbs and the verbs we have done before in class are starting to come back to me (which can only be a bonus!)
I am sure all of this will help us in our exams and hopefully for higher french too!
Thanks for all the hard work you have put in Mark, and to all the other PiE people who have helped too.


This is good practice to consolidate the present tense before exam time.

Thank you Mark and fellow staff of PiE!


John Hearnshaw

As a 60 year old,just about to take my GCSE in French,I would like to say how useful I have found the verbcast.
It makes learning your french verbs seem so easy.
Above all it makes it FUN.
Thanks to Mark and all the team.


Thanks for taking the time to pass your thoughts to us John. We are delighted that you are finding this useful. Bon courage!


I know I woznt very positive when I first left feedback after episode 3 (or sumthing) but I take it back now! I can still remember all the verbs that we have learned which is a change and most of all I am enjoying it!!!

Merci beaucoup Mark!


Glad to hear it Gavin, and congratulations on sticking with it!


I think this verbcast is great!!! I was really shaky on my verbs before this but I'm finding it really helpful! Thank you so much it will be great for my exams.


Pleased to hear it Andrea!


Great to have everyone's feedback here and I'm delighted that everyone seems to be enjoying the experience. I know that it's quite hard going, especially trying to find 20 minutes every day to listen to the programmes. Eilidh, Sheila, Tamsin, Laurin, Anna, Gavin, Heather, Alison and Andrea: bon courage for the future programmes.

John - delighted that someone "not connected" with PiE is also enjoying the programmes. Your feedback is appreciated!

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