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May 25, 2006


Andrew Brown

Negativity may have got the better of me during the rest of the day, but it was fabulous to attend your session and hear about exciting use of technology that is engaging our pupils - keep up the brilliant work!

Gordon McKinlay

This seminar was the highlight of the day. It was great to hear about some really innovative work being done in classrooms in Scotland. It was also good to chat afterwards about blogging and the issues surrounding this area. I would love to find out more!

Keep up the good work.



Andrew / Gordon,

Delighted that you found the presentation interesting. Lesley's quite chuffed too! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss things further.

Alan Patterson

I very much enjoyed the presentation and am very impressed with PIE. The idea of podcasts and texting can be transferred to many subjects but PIE is so far down the road it is great to see. Thank you Mark and Lesley for pulling scales from my eyes. In my own schoool I am always in trouble for encouraging pupils to bring in their own MP3s and Phones and record an interesting lesson, copy homework onto their device via the USB ports etc.

thanks again

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