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November 06, 2005


 Cherry, Lesley, and Anna!

we are in the coolest store ever - the apple store in London! if we had the money - we would be proper geeks! and - we have been in the biggest topshop in britain! woohoo! ADIOS!

Ewan McIntosh

Was giving the PieCast and Verbcast a big "word up" in my Friday presentation at the Language Show and at SALT in Stirling. Keep an eye on those stats!


I should add that in addition to getting 20 minutes in the "biggest topshop in britain", Cherry, Lesley and Anna have also been working very hard all day at the Language Show! The results of this hard work will be made available very soon!


Really enjoyed both the Language Show and SALT this weekend. The 3 girls worked really hard yesterday, and were exhausted on the journey home. Their exhaustion didn't however stop them from talking enthusiastically about some of the things they had seen and done. Thanks again girls - hope you're not too tired today!!

Lesley Roy

Bonjour! I can't believe the three of us forgot to mention The Language Show yesterday, it was the hype of Oxford Street obviously! The show was so fantastic and I especially loved filming all of the stallholders!I learned so many new phrases in loads of different languages! I want to say a big thank you to Mark, Vivien and Lynne for inviting me to come along to what turned out to be a great day! Merci beaucoup!
Lesley :-)


Just back to Mull today after Sunday's away day. Really enjoyed the show and now have a carrier bag full of bits and pieces to make sense of and see how I can use all in class. Good as well to put faces to a few names. Of course the highlight of the day was the Applestore - a sight worth seeing in itself!!

Anna Jamieson

Hey!! I had a great time in London, thanks so much for letting me come along!I'm glad your presentation went well Mark, I can't watch the video though because I don't have broadband :-(
Lesleysaid it was really good though!Anna


Yeah thanks for inviting us! It was a fantastic day and i really enjoyed it! I havnt seen the video yet either - trying to but it wont let me - but hopefully i can work out the prob!

Helen Myers

Thanks for letting me share my lunch with you on Saturday .. it was great to meet the faces behind the wonderful voices! Bonne continuation!

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