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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Ewan McIntosh

Welcome back, Mark! Been missing your posts. I had an impromptu Chinese lesson from Lingwei from Dunbar Grammar as I interviewed her for our Chinese special. Any chance of a quick podcast (or podpost) to let us hear your progress and how the morale is keeping up?

Hope you get the answers to your questions.


To answer your questions. It is ok to say either Jīn tiān wǒ qù xué xiào or Wǒ jīn tiān qù xué xiào.

And the character 为 can have the second or fourth tone depending on the use. Although I think that in Taiwan both wèi shén me and yīng wèi are pronounced using the fourth tone, where as in China they seem to use the second tone in yīng wéi.

Hope that helps.


Many thanks, John - 谢谢你. Your help is much appreciated.

Matt Whyndham

Me again. My teacher's been muttering "stative verb" from time to time. I didn't click waht she meant at first, but it's to with words like Hao, Lei, Mang. Technically adjectives, but they are also Stative Verbs, meaning that it is they that don't need the Shi. But could do with a Hen to make it all flow. Probably worth consulting a proper grammar at this point.

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