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Monday, May 22, 2006


a chan

There are different ways of learning a language depending on the purpose of your current choice.

The Chinese language is a non-phonetic based and was originally founded on pictographic form like those ancient languages in Egypt and Mesepotamia except the Chinese still retains the pictoideograms elements.

What you have presented is more like the daily conversation exchanges and incidental characters here and there.

I suppose you are an academic and might be interested to communicate with the Chinese writers of the present and past centuries via the written language. If this is one of your major objective then moving in another direction may benefit your learning. I will write more when I am clear about what you want to do with the language acquisition. At present I am relearning my own language after putting it aside for years. I am extremely happy with what I have found so far.

Teeya Door

You can find more video podcast on CLTV ( http://cltv.hellomandarin.com )

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