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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


林凡    FAN LIN

well done,Mark.It's a very good start to learn Mandarin.I'm pleased you found out an effective and practical way to learn Mandarin. Speaking of Greeting in Chinese, there are many ways of greeting. The most common one is 你好 Nǐ hǎo!And in China, people will start with their conversation in 你吃过了吗?(Nǐ chī guò le ma?)have you eaten? not very often use Nǐ hǎo ma? between Chinese.

BTW, I like your blog, I will be happy to leave comments when visiting. Keep going, Mark, you did excellent work!


Matt Whyndham

I think you are setting yourself some strange restrictions, a bit like the guy who tried to survive for a month starting with an empty house, a phone and a credit card, just to prove a point. To me, pure e-learning is pointless, but Blended Learning is very valuable, but good luck. Get some books!


Fair comment, Matt, and I have admitted elsewhere to having bought a dictionary. The thing is, in my own job I'm committed to the promotion of language learning through innovative methods, many including the use of ICT, and although this project is a personal challenge, in a sense it's also a professional investigation too. More info about the project I run can be found at if you're interested.

My ultimate goal is to develop my confidence in Chinese, and as I'm going to be involved in running Chinese classes for my students next term I'll be taking advantage of any opportunity which comes my way. In the meantime i'll see how I get on.


Hi Mark,

My aims are very similar, although I happy to use other resources if I come across them, my main focus is online.

Key points for me being that I take no formal lessons, have no teacher and a follow no strict syallbus. Mostly because of time, money and opportunity restrictions. Good luck!

Teeya Door

I think tones of mandarin pronunciation is the most difficult part for me. My teacher in Beijing Chinese School spent about 1 week explaining to me. After almost 2 months, I finally can pronounce correctly many words. To learn Chinese and mandarin, grammar is so easy. I always watch CLTV to practice listening and practice oral Chinese with volunteers on Voice Connecting China. I Love Chinese is also a good magazine to learn Chinese culture.

Teeya Door

I am also learning Chinese language by a special and innovative service in Beijing Chinese School ( ) . If you have any questions about learning Chinese, you can get a private study adviser ( )

Lily Chen (陈丽)

hi,I'm a Chinese girl. I just search the word "你好" on the internet. And then I find your blog. It is so interesting.
What about your Chinese-language-learning? Well, learning a foreign language is not a easy thing. We chinese students began to learn English when we were 10 or 11. But not everyone can master it well.I'm so admir you after reading your blog. Keep going! 加油哦!坚持就是胜利!
(Forgive my poor English~)

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