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Good to know you survived the long journey! Enjoy all the new experiences! Keep posting!

Stuart J Wilson

Glad to know you've arrived safely. Has your luggage arrived yet?


I'm really looking forward to hearing more from Kunming. Hopefully you'll be able to get regular access to the internet cafe and you can post us some initial thoughts from China. I really hope you manage to get the photos uploaded so that we can see what you're all up to and experience the amazing sights of Kunming for ourselves!

Thea Pallut

I've just arrived with my group of students from the Highlands in Beijing. It is incredibly hot and humid - huge change. What is it like in Kunming? Look forward to hearing more and comapring our experiences. You can check out our blog on http://mfle.typepad.com/ggs/. Good luck with the mandarin. We have our test tomorrow!

Scott Francis

Hey Genna and everyone in China!! Glad to hear you've all landed safely and hope you're having the time of your lives, keep posting to let us know what you're all up to and how things are!! :-D

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