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Good to hear your news. Keep it coming!!
It's 30º here and everyone is wilting.


I'll second that!!! I don't suppose it will be quite as humid as it is in Kunming, but it's certainly making being at work a bit unpleasant! Sounds like you've had a good day. I spent much of today getting organised for our own Chinese Summer School next week. We'll be running a blog probably so I'll let you know the address etc. and you can be our "conversation partners"!

Scott Francis

Ni hao from a scorching Scotland!! Read your blog entry, tis good to hear that some of us are managing to get work done, it's almost impossible for anyone here (except Mark it seems!) to do anything coz of the heat!
Nice to hear all about your adventures and that you're having a fab time! But you must also tell us about the cuisine over there as well... what's the food like, and how is everyone coping with chopsticks? :-P

Hope to read more from you soon!

Katy Chan

Heylo Genna and Sanketa! Good to hear you are both having fun! I'm at the London airport right now! Just heading back to boring old Killie lol! I had to go home earlier than planned because I was running out of money lol! Love to hear more from you both - I had a fantastic time in HK! Bye! x x x x x Wee Katy :)

Wee Katy Mdr

Ni2 Hao4 Sanketa and Genna! Ni3 hao3 ma? Not heard from you for a while! How is it over there? It was my first day at the PiE chinese summer school and it was great fun! Maybe I could talk to you both in mandarin when you come back from China! I might be better than you both haha just joking I've only started learning it! Zai4 jian4! x x x

Wee Katy Mdr

Ní Hào! Zĕnme yang?
What's happened with the posting, Genna and Sanketa?? Are you having soooooooooo much fun you have forgotten about us? mdr! I, believe you are back tommorow, yes? Can't
wait, missed both of you so much, not! heehee! Anyways, hope to hear from you soon! Zài Jiàn!

Ewan McIntosh

Can't wait to hear a roundup of the last few days - you were obviously having far too much time to blog. Or did you have problems blogging from China? Interested to know...

Well done - sounded great.


Hi Grange school.
It sounds like you had a wonderful time in China.
I would love to take my pupils to China. How do you go about arranging it?

Tarbert Academy

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