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Chén Shī Qí Mdr

Yes today has been amazing! I enjoyed every minute of today! It's so sad that tommorow is our last day!
The week has been absolutely wicked! Getting to know everyone: Lesley, Eva, Kara, Sarah, Louise, Rebbeca, Lauren, Megan, Diane, Peter, Nicholas, George, Robyn, Coleen, Francessca, Ciara (hope I haven't missed anyone out - I have a bad memory or if names have been spelt wrong) Scott I haven't missed you out! I already know you, but not anyone of the others! You have all been fab and thanks for making the week so good! Hope you all keep in touch, from LZ or if you have my addy!
I have learnt so much this week as well as everyone else! At first I wasn't so interested in mandarin, but it has been great this week! Thanks Lin Fan and Mark!
Without a doubt, tommorow will be super duper!


basically, everything katy just said! ive really enjoyed meeting everyone and having a good laugh in the classes - its been a great experience (my first with PiE) and im now eager to keep it up! hope i can keep in touch with everyone because the all seem really nice! thursday was fantasitc, i loved the reataurant, and learning to use chopsticks lol, and tai chi, and saying ni hao to every old person that passed! thanks very much mark and lin fan, much appreciated xxx

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