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你们好!Time is flying, I had a very very good time with you guys this week, I will remember you all! you are all nice and clever. I'm sure you can speak good Chinese in the furture! keep in touch, guys!


awww that flew in! i dont know what im going to do now that the summer school has finsihed :( ive really enjoyed it, learned loads and met a lot of really cool people. thanks very much mark and lin fan, i really appreciate the work you've done for us all and hope to keep in touch with everyone. much love! xxx


thanks for this week it was really good but i have to say i can't wait to have lie ins all next week! lol , good luck to everyone n see youse soon hopefully! x

Grim reaper

well that was one fast week too bad it was a 5 day course. i will admit having to get up in the mornings was a pain but it was so much fun meeting everyone and i hope to see you all later.

Wee Katy Mdr

Sorry, but who is Grim reaper???

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