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Well done kids. That was amazing

Very brave and well said, you put us adults who are learning to shame. Hope you all keep going with your Mandarin, it is good fun.


nai hao!!! ooooh dear lol I did try! lol

Jessica Courville

I am a future teacher at the University of South Alabama and I find this blog a wonderful exciting way to teach and prepare students in learning a new language.


Nice site...learning english is fun too, especially when visiting foreign places. Professionals and students alike should be able to communicate well with foreign counterparts...COEL is here for you.

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Mĕi tiān de kè chéng yǔ liàn xí jiāng huì fā bù zài zhè gè wăng zhàn shàng

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No offense, but i suggest admin adding a google+ button for easy share!

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